As this is my first ever blog post I’m going to start it with something exciting! I ordered the new Gelish collection by Nail Harmony! This collection is their Spring Collection and it’s AMAZZZING!!

‘Royal Temptations’

The collection consists of 6 GEL COLOURS and 1 GLITTER COAT, Designed to go over all the colours in the collection …. and it DOES!

I will insert some pictures of the collection and some sets I’ve done so far using the colours!

Colours left to right:

“My other wig is a tiara” this is a shimmer / metallic blue colour

“Ruffle those feathers” is a gorgeous darker turquoise colour, which can be pared lovely with rose gold! This is my boyfriends favourite colour😂

“All the queens bling” is a gorgeous purple colour with an iridescent shine through it! I can’t wait to use this!

“All my heart desires” is your go to bright pink colour! This will be a huge colour in the summer I predict!

“Beauty marks the spot” MY FAVOURITE COLOUR 😍 a gorgeous peach colour – in actually going to use this colour on my own nails!

“Curls & pearls” this colour is STUNNING! It’s an off white / cream colour and I’m obsessed! It would be great for bridal nails!


OVER THE TOP” no words to describe this! It’s just AMZING! it’s so unique and I’ve never seen Gelish do anything like this before! Through the glitter we have holographic chunks including stars, dots/ love hearts / butterflies/ lightening bolts and many more, whilst having gorgeous chunky glitter! This colour also layers over nicely all the other colours in the collection!

All together I rate this collections

“💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽” 5 Nails out of 5! It is just amazing – and my lovely clients are loving it just as much as I am, see photos included 💕

Thank you for reading my first ever blog! I’m pretty new to this so be kind

Lots of love

Amy 💕